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As an architect lead practice, a focus on design is central to everything we do.

What makes ARKit’s approach different? 

ARKit is a design lead practice. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality architecturally designed residential buildings. We enjoy and value the collaboration between architect and client that results in new homes and additions that create extra space for families, new places to co-exist and provide a lifestyle change.  Our integrated design and construction service enables us to fully translate design requirements to built form with no surprises. We love prefabrication, timber and all things environmentally friendly. We embrace these values with our clients in all aspects of our services. We are excited by opportunities to test the boundaries for applications for prefabricated design and construction. Through innovation we seek to contribute to the development of industry and locally based manufacturing.

What is modular construction?

Modular, volumetric, unitised and pods are all prefab terminologies referring to buildings constructed offsite. Modular construction xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx In ARKit’s case this means that we build complete the units in our workshop as much as practicable including the installation of all cabinetry, fittings, fixtures, are fully painted and tiled and even furnished if desired. Larger buildings are designed to ensure that they seamlessly join together with minimal onsite time to complete to complete the project.  

What is panelised construction?

Panelised construction consists of smaller manageable elements that arrive to site ready for assembly. Panelised construction offers the flexibility to delivery any design outcome. This construction methodology is often used for projects with difficult site constraints and design requirements that exceed modular ......... For ARKit we deliver floor, wall and roof panels that are as complete as possible of expedient onsite assembly.  

Are all of ARKit’s projects fully custom designed?

Yes. ARKit is an architectural practice. For each of our projects we provide a full architectural design service. This means we work with you from initial brief stage through to completion of construction to ensure design requirements are fully translated to the built form.

Are there design limitations are associated with prefabrication?

No. ARKit offers two build systems being panelised and modular construction. Our panelised system can accommodate any design and is best suited for sites with access constraints or where the desired design cannot be accommodated by our modular system. Our modular system is generally more cost effective and involves less time on site. With this system we design buildings in a series of transportable sized modules.

How long will it take to design my project?

Each project is unique. The time to collaborate with our clients to reach the optimum design outcome can vary. As a guide we suggest that working toward a preferred concept design may take between three and four weeks.  

What authority approvals will be required for my project?

ARKit designs and builds throughout Australia and overseas. The approval requirements for your site will be subject to local authority requirements. As a first step in the design process we will establish the specific requirements applicable to your property. We will manage the approval process for your project.  

What is meant by handcrafted?

Each of our buildings is individually hand built in our Melbourne workshop using traditional carpentry techniques, modern production facilities and high quality standard residential construction materials. We are able to achieve higher tolerances and improved construction quality as compared to traditional site based building.  We do not use steel studs or insulated panels or other materials and/or construction methods generally associated with relocatable or portable buildings.  

Do ARKit’s buildings satisfy all regulatory requirements applicable to conventionally built projects?

Yes. ARKit buildings are designed and built to comply with codes and regulations applicable to standard residential construction. Our buildings are designed and built to fully satisfy the National Construction Code (NCC), relevant bushfire regulations, cyclone building codes and to exceed the environmental performance requirements of the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS). 

Does ARKit manage all aspects of construction?

Yes. ARKit is a building company. We comprehensively manage and deliver all aspects of construction required for the completion of your project.

How long will it take to build my project?

Our projects are custom designed and therefore build times vary. As an example a new three bedroom house constructed using our modular system may take 10 - 14 weeks in the factory and 2 - 4 weeks on site to complete.  

What are the environmental credentials of ARKit’s projects?

Refer here for environmental performance details

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What are the specific design features of ARKit’s buildings?

Add CC – to complete – Connection to the ground/interface, site specific design response, we listen.